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May 2020Diamond Chapter Emblem

Past-President Letter

Happy May! Or is it "Happy May?"

Well this is a year that just isn’t going like we all planned.  I doubt anyone would believe that the Materials Management teams would be front and center in the response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.  I doubt anyone ever assumed we would spend days pondering facemasks, gowns and face shields. I doubt anyone believed that any given day would hinge on our ability to sustain N-95 respirators.  There is only one thing that the WSHMMA Board never doubted ... the abilities, flexibility and skill of our WSHMMA members to keep the PPE flowing and the care team supported.

This Newsletter is dedicated to every Materials Manager in WSHMMA and the supply chain team members that are doing the hard work each and every day. 

Thank You!
Sean, Past-President



AHRMM 2020 Annual Conference

The 2020 AHRMM Annual Conference is scheduled to be held in Austin, Texas from the 26th – 29th of July. As you can imagine, there are lots of discussions about whether AHRMM will be able to hold the event as planned. The WSHMMA team is working with the AHRMM leadership to understand how the Annual Conference will be impacted so we can provide up to date information for the entire membership. The Agenda looks excellent, so our team is hopeful that we will still see an AHRMM event. Please keep this on your calendars. After months of working at the top of our game it will be an excellent opportunity for the hospital to recognize supply chain team members with an educational extravaganza!

More to come.



WSHMMA 2020 Annual Conference

Next week would have been our Annual Conference. We were all very disappointed when we had to cancel the event, but it was the right thing to do. Your WSHMMA Board is having discussions about when to hold the next Annual Conference and we are weighing having a 2020 event in the fall or to simply wait until 2021.

The decision on when to hold our next event will hinge on the healthcare environment and stability as we move into the summer



Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

For those that are unaware the Annual event is the primary method that WSHMMA uses to fund our operations throughout the year. Even though the WSHMMA Board is 100% volunteer we still have insurance, event fees, and other costs that exist similar to any organization. Several of our sponsors volunteered to allow WSHMMA to retain their Sponsorship fees for the 2020 Annual event for the next conference. We cannot stress how much this has helped WSHMMA weather this storm and to ensure that we can continue to keep our annual event fees and membership as some of the lowest fees nationally.



Information About Supply Chain’s Covid-19 Resources

There are a multitude of Covid-19 resources for teams to use.  Many of these resources reference each other, but we wanted to highlight some resources in case you haven’t been able to scour then web yourself.  We did not list supplier sites or GPO sites.  All of these locations/partners also have great resources:



Worried about CEUs for CMRP

For a lot of team members the 9-12 CEUs that are available at the WSHMMA Annual Conference are a big part of the CEUs that members use to meet the three year CEU requirement.  Our members are not the only members having these discussions.  Talks are happening at AHRMM as well.  We are open to any ideas you may have regarding CEUs, event opportunities or Webinars. 

We encourage everyone to monitor the AHRMM education opportunities.  There are a lot of relevant Covid-19 event that pop onto the calendar as the Covid situation evolves.  These are great opportunities to stay current on PPE standards and the market impact of the pandemic while gaining valuable CEUs.



Another Moment of Thanks from the WSHMMA President

We are inspired by the outpouring of community engagement, the gracious donations and the support that the Healthcare Community has been experiencing throughout this crisis.  The entire WSHMMA Board would like to end this Newsletter by adding our thanks to all of the Materials Management Professionals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Guam.  We are sad not to see you in person next week, but we understand that your teams need you to keep your patients and staff safe.  To our Supplier Members we also thank you for making sure that we keep the supplies flowing and for being there at all hours of the day and night.

Be healthy, be happy, and have a great May.

Franklin, President



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